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Plumbing Services in Cochrane

At Court Plumbing & Heating Ltd, we understand that all plumbing problems are different, which is why our Red Seal certified plumbers are trained to deal with all scenarios. We offer a comprehensive range of plumbing services that we then tailor to meet your needs. Whether it's a leaky pipe or a broken drainage system, we've got your back. We've spent so many years perfecting the art of plumbing that your plumbing troubles rarely catch us off-guard. We strive to meet the highest standards of the industry, which has made us a favourite with the people of Cochrane. Our plumbing services are reliable and readily available. We're available round the clock to service both residential and commercial properties.


Do you have a pool of water under your kitchen sink? Or do you have a clogged drain under your toilet? Whatever the problem with your drain is, our experts will fix it for you. They are trained to deal with the issues efficiently, no matter how big or small they are.

Some signs that your drain may need cleaning are:


The water in your sink is draining slowly

The water in your sink refuses to drain

There is an unpleasant smell


Sewers are an essential component of your house. Some people might even argue that they make or break a plumbing system. However, for most people, sewers are invisible and thus forgotten. This is a big reason why problems with sewers often fall on unsuspecting people. You don't notice that there is trouble brewing in the sewer pipes until it's too late. Moreover, just the thought of getting sewer lines repaired or replaced is painful. Are you in a similar situation? You're in the right place. At Court Plumbing & Heating Ltd, we regularly deal with sewer repair and replacements on residential and commercial properties. No matter what the problem with your sewer is, we'll get it right, efficiently and quickly. Some signs of damaged sewer lines are:


Slow flushing of toilets

Slow drainage of water in sinks

Mould problem

Foundation cracks

Unusually green patches of grass

Accumulation of septic waste in the yard


Pipes in your house may burst or leak for a variety of reasons, including long-term corrosion and clogging. Whatever the reason for a leaky or burst pipe may be, they are a nuisance because it might be indicative of a larger plumbing issue and may cause further damage. Not to mention that leaking pipes can ruin your floors and whatever that may surround them. A damaged pipe calls for immediate inspection and repairs. We offer professional plumbing services round the clock. We'll inspect your leaking pipes and offer immediate and long-lasting solutions. As professional plumbers, we deal with all kinds of pipes and pipe troubles regularly, and we're sure we'll be able to find a solution for you. Some signs of damaged pipes include:


The sound of running water when none of the taps in your house are being used

Unusual shooting up of your water bill

The pooling of water on your property

Low pressure in the faucets and taps in your house


Garburators are appliances that can make your life a lot simpler. They can grind the garbage thrown in them, making garbage disposal a cakewalk. However, they're often misused. People feed them larger amounts of garbage than they can handle, leading to their slow breakdown over time. We know how inconvenient a smelly kitchen can be. We advise you to get your garburator immediately fixed when you notice signs of damage. If you don't have one installed already, we highly recommend it to make garbage disposal in your home smoother. We repair and replace garburators in Cochrane. Some signs that your garburator is damaged are:


The garburator is leaking

The garburator is corroded

The garburator is noisy

The garburator doesn't turn on

The garburator is jammed

Water Heaters

Is your water heater taking longer than usual to heat your water? Does your water heater run out of hot water in the middle of your shower? Don't worry, because we'll help you out. Water heaters are an essential component of any home, especially in the long and cold winter months. We offer reliable water heater repair and replacement services in the Bow Valley. Precaution is always better than cure, which is why we also recommend our water heater maintenance services to keep your hot water running throughout the year. Some signs of a damaged water heater are:


The water comes out looking rusty

The output of the hot water has decreased

The water has varying temperatures

The water heating makes noises

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