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Heating Services in Cochrane That You Can Trust

Heating systems are essential in the Bow Valley for a large part of the year. Disruption in heating supply, especially in the winter, is very undesirable. However, we get so caught up in our daily lives that we don't notice the load we put on our heating systems with continual usage. This leads to heating system damages and even breakdowns at the most inconvenient times. At Court Plumbing & Heating Ltd, we offer heating system repair and replacement services across the Bow Valley so you don't have to worry about cold heatless nights. We offer services that will deal with your heating system-related problems efficiently.

Boilers / Hydronic Heating

Boilers are useful devices that are made to distribute hot water to your radiators and other household appliances. The water goes right back to the boiler to get reheated. It should be mentioned that boilers don't boil the water but just heat it. Boilers provide more consistent heat as opposed to traditional heaters because they provide radiant heat to provide warmth instead of the air. This is a type of hydronic heating that we're experts at!

You depend on your boiler to keep your family warm during the winter. Its breakdown can be extremely unwelcome, which is why properly repairing and maintaining your boiler is necessary. Our team deals with boilers regularly and knows how to handle all kinds of boiler breakdowns. If there's an issue with your boiler, we'll help you find the right solution. Some signs of issues with your boiler are:


Poor heating

Delayed heating

Strange noises including whirring

Unusual smells

Water leakage

In-floor Heating

Wouldn't it be wonderful if the floors in your house could be as warm and toasty as the air in it? In-floor radiant heating does just that! This method of heating applies heat to your floors so that it radiates out of it. When this type of heating is put in place, the floor of the house warms anyone who comes in contact with it. The heat from the floor further prevents overall heat loss in the room. In-floor heating is increasingly becoming people's preferred method of keeping their houses warm in the cold months in Cochrane. 

We offer repair, replacement, and maintenance services for your property’s heating systems. Do you have any questions? Send them to us and we'll get back to you.

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